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You’ve decided to replace your engine - but what do you replace it with? There are a few different options out there, and Westerville Automotive in Westerville, OH has the info you need.



Your first inclination is probably to go used - it’s usually the cheapest option, and engines are pretty readily available, depending on what type of car, truck, or SUV you drive. If your car isn’t worth much and you just want to keep it going a little while longer, this may be the right option for you. Generally, we don’t recommend going used though - beware the comically short warranty, the “80,000-mile” junkyard engine, and the likelihood that this engine is going to have the same problems as the last. There’s a lot of risks involved, and it’s still a heavy investment.




Rebuilt is better than used, but typically a rebuild has only had the parts or work necessary done to it to fix the problem. The warranty isn’t much better, and the quality of work widely varies. Plus it could develop another problem soon down the road - if it blew once, the rest of the engine may not be far behind. Since the price of a rebuild is marked up quite a bit overused, it’s typically a good idea to go ahead and spring for a new or remanufactured engine - you’ll know you’re getting a unit that’s been thoroughly gone through.




Reman engines are different from rebuilt in a variety of ways. Companies like Jasper Engines completely disassemble an engine and replace any wearable part with a new or qualified component. Everything else is machined, meticulously inspected, and reassembled into a zero mileage engine. Things to watch out for with remanufacturers include warranties that are too good to be true and lack of opacity regarding their processes and where they source their parts. With remanufactured engines, it’s a good idea to stick to trusted names in the industry, as not all are created equal. Remanufactured engines (depending on the source) also have the added benefit of updates over original equipment flaws and are often better engines than they were brand new. 




New engines aren’t always easy to come by - even engines from GM or Ford are often remanufactured. If you buy from the dealer, it’s a good idea to look into whether or not they’ve corrected the problems that lead to the demise of your engine as well. However, if you drive a late model vehicle and want to spring for a brand new engine, new engines are often still available for your application. Like a remanufactured engine, the warranty is much better than a used or rebuilt unit and will undoubtedly be more trouble-free.


If you need a second opinion on your options, give our technicians a shout. We’ll help you make the decision that’s right for you, and can source an engine that’s a perfect fit for your vehicle. If you’re ready to replace your tired, worn out engine, Westerville Automotive in Westerville, OH is here to help.


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